Ageless Learning

LiLi and I have been hanging out with seniors lately! As we continue our adventures in the local communities, we’ve made a couple of stops at senior activity centers and residences. What hubs of activity! I’ve walked in on a ukulele circle, a group playing a fierce game of Snooker, and my ears have heard stories of cooking classes, western parties and dances!

It’s been a treat to share library resources with this group of folks who are keen to learn. We’ve discussed the library’s popular collection of large print books, audiobooks (for those who like to listen) as well as Library For You services for those who may not be able to come to the library. Of course, it’s also been fun to share digital literacy tools as well.  Learning to take selfies was a smiling process, while showing off e-books and audiobooks on the iPad brought about curiosity for the evolving digital world.