Getting to Know the Sto:lo Services Agency

Library Live recently visited the Sto:lo Service Agency in Chilliwack, BC to learn about the variety of services offered to the community. From the art center of Nations Creations, to the Sto:lo Gift Shop, cultural and employment services, and health and wellness facilities, you can find almost everything you need within one kilometer of walking distance! An added bonus is the walking trail open for everyone!

After visiting the Coqualeetza Educational Longhouse, we arrived at the Sto:lo Resource Center. At the entrance, the welcoming figures enticed us inside. We were invited to the Sto:lo Library & Archives to look through the many resources of books, DVDs, atlases, and maps about the Sto:lo territory. Some of the titles were familiar as they’re also found in the FVRL system.

I was also given the opportunity to meet Stone T’xwelátse. It was fascinating to learn about his journey travelling back across the border.

A peek inside Nations Creations showed me a glimpse of original artwork by Aboriginal artists. This programs supports the artists in reproducing their artwork without losing ownership. Other services at Sto:lo include, the Medical & Health services, a justice program, and educational centers for children.

While I was not able to see everything at the Sto:lo Services Agency, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Sto:lo Nation and Tribal Council, and the many services provided to the Chilliwack community.