Giving Back to Your Community

Welcome to 2019! LiLi and I are beginning the new year with new adventures in the Fraser Valley.  One of our stops has been the local food bank.  In addition to assisting the clients of the food bank with library services, I’m also introduced to the volunteers who donate their time and hard work to the community. It’s always a pleasure to meet all of our community members and hear their stories that anchor them to their neighborhood and community.

Many individuals and families rely on the food bank for food and other necessities, including toiletries and hygiene products, pet food, or a hot meal at the food bank kitchen. Currently, FVRL is running the Food for Fines campaign. This gives you the opportunity to pay off your fines and participate in your community. For every non-perishable item you bring into the library until Jan 22, $2 will be taken off your account fees. The non-perishable items will then be donated to the community food bank. For more information, visit the FVRL website.

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