Happy Heart Month!

Happy heart month! LiLi and I participated in some great community events this month that emphasize caring for ourselves and for our neighbors.

In Mission, LiLi greeted families as they arrived for the Riot for Reading. Families were treated to a magic show, musical performances and Zumba! A variety of community organizations joined the event to share their services and tips for all kinds of literacy which include physical, numerical and of course, reading!

In South Delta, I joined staff from Tsawwassen library to introduce library services to the students at a local high school. We met so many awesome students who were keen to get their own library cards!

In Chilliwack, I attended a Health and Wellness Fair where local service providers met families and offered the opportunity to learn practical ways of being healthy, both physically and mentally. Fraser Health showed us how to make smoothies from fresh fruit and vegetables, while Connect Hearing offered free hearing tests, and LiLi (and me) provided books for families to take home and practice their reading!

Participating in community events is a great way to get to know our neighbors!