Roadtrip Season!

The month of May signaled the season of roadtrips across the lower mainland. LiLi was invited to several community events to assist in celebrating the kick-off the summer season.

The Fort Langley May Days began the festivities with a parade through the historical downtown, wrapping up at a local park. Along the way, LiLi met several literary characters, including the Wicked Witch of the East!

About 2 hours north (and east) LiLi and I joined the Boston Bar community on a beautiful hot and sunny day. We drove through town, cruising to some good tunes and meeting the fine folks of this northern community. The May Days celebration at the Memorial Park introduced us to some great community organizations, including the FVRD Parks & Recreation, the RCMP, Fire Department, and BC Conservation Officers, as well as the Boston Bar Enhancement Society. It was a real treat to win 2nd place in the parade!

LiLi and I look forward to visiting the FVRL communities this summer! Summer Reading Club is just around the corner, and there’s no excuse not to enjoy some reading while the sun is shining!