Sharing Our Stories

LiLi and I have been visiting several of the FVRL communities this month. We’ve had opportunity to get to know some of our neighbors that we don’t always meet in the library. LiLi and I have been graciously invited to places of gathering in the community, such as shelters and clubhouses, where I am able to meet the folks and engage in conversation.

Everyone has stories from their lives. It’s humbling to hear them over a cup of coffee or while making a new library card. Whether its sharing memories of a good ole’ road trip through British Columbia, reminiscing of Vancouver’s past, or hearing how a library computer provided contact information to a distant relative, stories create a bridge to one another. We share in laughter, understanding, and curiosity. As part of LiLi’s ‘next chapter’, I look forward to hearing more stories from within our communities, while sharing the opportunity to meet our neighbors.