Sphero SPRK+ @ FVRL


A little spherical ball has been making the rounds in the Fraser Valley Regional library system, encouraging creation and imagination! The Sphero SPRK+ is a robotic ball that introduces coding and programming to all ages. The best part? FVRL customers can borrow the Sphero SPRK+! Customers can check out these app-enabled robotic balls, free of charge, for a two- or three-week lending period, just like library books.

LiLi and Janeen have been taking their Sphero SPRK+ out into the FVRL communities to have some fun.

At the Langley Farmer’s Market, a group of children enjoyed their turns at steering the robot amidst the vendors. There was a grandmother interested in borrowing one for her visiting grandchildren, a Kwantlen University student who had never seen one before, and a middle-school student who absolutely loved the idea of making obstacle courses for the Sphero SPRK+!

At White Rock’s 150th Celebration, a family had just picked up their robot from the Walnut Grove library and were so happy to see the LiLi’s  Sphero SPRK+ in action. Everyone ooh’d and aah’d as the robot made circles and looped throughout the boardwalk.

At a mental health clubhouse, everyone took turns controlling the Sphero SPRK+. One lady stepped up to control the device and quickly decided that she enjoyed it. Born with fetal alcohol syndrome, the lady explained she’s never been able to drive but has wanted to see what it feels like. After directing the Sphero SPRK+, she thought it might compare to driving as she was “controlling something”. Several other members decided to try controlling the robot and discovered a new game of “hide and seek” amongst the furniture.