Time to Read, Read and Read!

With the rain falling and clouds blocking our sunshine, LiLi and I have been finding ourselves indoors, meeting folks of all ages at young parenting classes, transition homes, and community dinners.

It’s always a thrill to learn new names, share stories, and welcome people to the library. At one community dinner, a father and his young daughter got their brand new library cards! With a squeal of delight, the young girl told me she couldn’t wait to visit the local library and the kids section to read, read and read!

There’s always a perfect time to read…with the excitement of more bedtime stories,  more time to listen to Dad’s silly voices, and  more time to practice reading with kindergarten just around the corner. It was a fun opportunity for me to share with them the 1000 Stories Before Kindergarten program offered at all FVRL libraries. The young girl was excited to retrieve her own book, and begin counting all of the stories she was going to read.

Happy Reading!